About Me

Ah the craziness…

I am 36 and am not taking this aging thing well.  I have three beautiful kiddos, all boys. These guys mean the sun, moon, and stars to me.  I work full time for a wonderful company that allows me to be me (trust me, this is HUGE, I am quite the character).  I lost my mother to cancer on August 14th, 2014 and lost my father right along with her.  I have one brother and two sisters ( of which I have a beautiful nephew and neice)…. Sounds pretty normal right?  Haha…. That’s the fun part of it…. NOT.  I’m sure I’ll divulge here and there so hang on for that ride.

Why did I start a blog?  WELL… Eh Em….I want to share….. I want to share this crazy journey called life with you and I would love for you to share with me.

A few examples of what you may find in my blog-

I’m on this never ending pursuit of that thing called perfection (DOESN’T EXIST but I’m going to keep on keeping on).  I’m a sucker for trying out new gadgets/products and want to share my experiences so that you can have an overly honest non-biased opinion of them before purchasing.  I love to redo furniture, and I have tons of projects awaiting my lovin.  I want to share the journey of losing my mother, before and after.  Maybe, just maybe I could help someone get through it.  And…. I have tons and tons of useless and useful knowledge that I need to get out!




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