Words mean nothing without action.  So many people talk and talk and talk, but never follow through with action, so therefore those words are just simply words… And  ultimately those words then become lies… Proven false statements….

Trust…. I was raised that trust should never be given freely.  Only naïve people give trust out freely, and those people always end up hurt or being taken advantage of.  In today’s  world, there are a lot of bad people out there disguised as good people…. I never hand trust out freely, it has to be earned… And in time, trust is given to those who deserve it.  And never awarded to those who fall short on backing up their words with action .

We have all had bad experiences with people.  We’ve all been fooled a time or two (or twenty), but that doesn’t mean that all people are bad…  That doesn’t mean that something is wrong with us… I have had many people let me down in this world, whether intentionally or unintentionally, but I have not given up hope on people…. Without hope, what use is there for all of this?

I am going all over the place but my mind is seriously exploding at the moment…..

I am frustrated…..  INSANELY frustrated with a certain someone that cannot take any sort of blame for their lack of action…. For their lack of concern… For their lack of empathy and compassion…. This person has chosen the route of anger for my decision to remove them from my life, then remorse for the anger, but back to anger again…. Blame… Sometimes we have to accept blame when we make wrong choices that affect other humans… Understanding… Sometimes we have to at least try to understand….

Okay… I need to shut the fuck up for now.

Big hugs and lots of love,


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