I’m one of those people that get overly excited…. Like, little kid on Christmas morning kind of excited over so many things….

One more day and my brother and I start our adventure…. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! I’m so glad we decided to do a road trip this time.  That plane trip last year almost killed me, I have never been more scared in my entire life.  Yes I know that cars are more dangerous… But they are on the ground… I’m not a fan of heights nor not being able to see what’s ahead of me.  Anyway, I need this trip… I need this trip more than I can express in so many ways.  I’ve been insanely stressed at work and home…. Calgon take me away (or better yet my Corolla…).  I’m soooooo excited that I can barely sit still…. Like, I’m crawling out of my skin excited.  I dug out three cases of old cd’s, then me and my brother both have our phones loaded… We blast music and scream at the top of our lungs every single time we are in a car together…. Takes me back to the good old days… Did I mention I CAN’T WAIT?!?!?  We are going to be very spontaneous on this trip and just do whatever we want…. Which is AMAZING…. Life as an adult is far too routine for my taste.

I’ve been being a tad bit of a hermit lately, but for good reason.  I am afraid that I may be offending some of my dear friends, but I sure hope not.  My head is buzzing with too much information for me to conversate appropriately right now.  Conversations should be a two way street and I’m on a one way street right now…. Something that should resolve after I get a good 8 days worth of relaxation on our trip… I hope.

I’m not sure if I mentioned how much I love the Maybeline Contour stick or not, but I am soooo in love.  I hope it isn’t a short lived product (everything I fall in love with gets discontinued I swear).  It goes on so smoothly and naturally that it’s crazy.  It’s a quick fix for when I don’t want to do a full face with my Temptu.  Try it… Stuff is amazing.

I have this insatiable craving for oranges lately and have been so lucky to find an abundance of really freaking good ones this year.  This makes for a happy girl… I can’t stand to take the time to peel an orange and then it’s not sweet or it’s not quite ripe enough…. But this year… Delicioso!

I have to go on a tad of a vent now….

You know that saying “You don’t know what you got til it’s gone”?  Why is this even a thing at all?!?  Shouldn’t people appreciate what they have while they have it?  I mean, what fucking reason would people take for granted important things in their life?  I am so grateful for the people in my life and everything I have…. I’m even grateful for little nice gestures that people do for me…. I just don’t understand.  I guess I have more appreciation due to the large amount of loss I’ve experienced in my life… I don’t know… But this angers me… This angers me so much so, that I just want to punch any mother fucker that does this….

Okay…. I’m done for today….

Big hugs and lots of love,








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