Finally Friday

I tried out my Moon Juice products last night and then again this morning and I am happy to say it doesn’t taste too bad at all.  I was worried since the protein powder says “Vanilla Mushroom” on the label that it would not taste good.  Adding in the Maca and Ashwagandha did not alter the flavor too much, which was another large relief.   It’s completely drinkable and to my surprise within an hour of taking it I started feeling VERY chill.  I had to Google this effect immediately and apparently it is the Ashwagandha that did it. I seriously felt like I had popped a low dose Xanax… I should have started taking this stuff years ago!  I’m a very high strung person with a very stressful job, I’ve needed something to help but am not a fan of pharmaceuticals unless they are really needed.  You can read about the Ashwagandha in the link pasted below.  The mineralization shots tasted like salt water and VERY strong salt water.  I have only taken one dose and I do seem to have more energy this morning than usual…. This is something I will have to determine with time though.  I’m taking a lot of herbs and supplements right now so I cannot actually determine what is doing what at this point.  I will do the mineralization shots separately to get a better idea of if they do provide energy as claimed.

I’m so glad Friday has finally arrived.  We have wonderful weather in the forecast for this weekend and I NEED SUNSHINE!  I plan to make sure that I absorb as much of it as I can this weekend.  I may even layout in my lounger!  80 degrees is definitely warm enough to get on my bikini and take in some Vitamin D!  I’m really looking forward to hunting for Morels.  It’s been a few years since I have had any!  We usually rake in quite a few but I think these last few years we’ve been too busy to have good timing on our hunts.  I will post photos if we find any.  I’m hoping to hit the jackpot this year, we are overdue.

I have no desire to make time to hit the grocery store this weekend because I want to enjoy the weather, so I decided it’s time to give the Wal-Mart grocery pickup a try.  I kind of like that I can see what’s in my cart and I can be more mindful of what I’m buying. I love that I can see the total as I load it up.  When inside Wal-Mart I always have a ton of impulse buys and then I spend an extra fifty to a hundred dollars that I didn’t plan to spend (because of this I do try to avoid Wal-Mart as much as possible).  I really think this online grocery shopping may be a good fit for me! We will see how this pans out at pick up.  Will I get everything in my cart?  How smooth is the pick up?  We shall see… I’m sort of pumped about it.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on nutritional yeast so I’m going to give this stuff a try.  I plan to throw some on my daily greens and see if it really tastes like cheese as they claim.  I’m really focusing on gut and endocrine health lately so if it has possibilities of getting me there, I’m willing to try it.  I believe we all have different bodies so we each have different needs, so trial and error is a must to find a good balance for yourself.

I’m totally in love with Orly’s BB Crème polish.  I have the Barely Blush and the Barely Taupe and both of them go on so well!  I purchased them at Sally’s and they do have a hefty price on them, but I feel the stuff is worth it.  It stays on for days without chipping, and for me, that’s a miracle.  I’m very rough with my hands and I use my nails a lot.  I usually chip my polish the day I put it on!  (I do not like gel polishes since they totally destroy my nails.  I love that the stuff doesn’t come off and doesn’t chip easily, but the damage is just not worth it to me.)  A lot of the nude polishes get so streaky, this stuff does not.  So with the look and the way it holds up, this BB Crème gets an A+ in my books and I will continue to use it.

Okay… I’m done for now.

Big hugs and lots of love,









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