The people I just can’t handle

I love people… I do.  Ever since the day the first child that I created was yanked out of my body, my heart (I swear it was just like what happened to the Grinch) exploded with love….  However, regardless of how much love I have for everyone and every living thing on this planet, I don’t put up with much… I just don’t.  I am VERY picky about the people I let into my life and my children’s lives.  I don’t do drama…. I can handle dramatic, but you try to bring some kind of crazy drama shit into my life and… well…  you aren’t someone I’ll keep around.  I can’t stand people that hang onto petty bullshit that means nothing…. I can’t stand “one uppers”… If the entire conversation I’m having to deal with that, I probably won’t talk to you or at least will try to avoid you.  This is coming up because in the last 24 hours I’ve had to deal with all of these kinds of people doing all of these things.  Life is too short for this shit people…. Like really.  Don’t get me wrong… My personality is HUGE  (I can be very dramatic)…. But I have ZERO drama in my life…   I sure hope ya’ll understand, there IS a difference.  I cry like a baby during movies, my facial expressions and reactions are that of which you would see on a theatre stage, I am a worrier, and I can be very sensitive (depending on my hormone levels that day)… However, I don’t talk about people behind their backs, I really don’t care who likes me or doesn’t, I will always be straight up and honest (I have no filter on top of my straight forwardness and honesty),  I don’t cheat, and I never put my nose where it doesn’t belong.  See… I am dramatic with no drama.  I cut out all drama mongers from my life years ago…. And I refuse to let more in.  I’m just venting… See I already feel better… Okay, rant over.


So far this Truly’s Natural Deodorant is working magnificently.  I’m not sure if I have left over remnants from my previous deodorant so I have not developed a firm opinion on this stuff but I can say it’s looking promising.  We are doing some hiking/mushroom hunting this weekend so that will be the true test.  Super nice warm weather and getting my body moving…. I should work up a good sweat!  I hope it can hold up through that!  I would love to have chemical free pits!  Those boogers are attached to lefty and righty and by all means I want keep my boobies as healthy as I can.

My baby will be turning two in a few weeks and I’m really just dumbfounded as to where the last two years have went.  Time has flown by crazy fast and I just don’t like it.  I have to find a way to slow life down some, just stop and smell the roses….  Focus on being more mindful of today.   It’s hard working full time with three kiddos to do that… I’m always planning the future so it’s hard to keep my brain from staying there….  This I shall conquer!

Our offer was accepted on the property we want so we are both overflowing with joy right now!  We have so many ideas and so far we have the exact same ideas (which is so cool but sort of creepy).  We are going to be able to have the most amazing garden!!!!  Most of the property is cleared already so it doesn’t leave too many trees…. I REALLY want a tree house for little man.  I’m just praying there’s that one perfect tree.  If it’s there, we will find it.  Fingers crossed.

It’s only Wednesday but feels like Friday…. That’s always a frustrating thing. But once Friday comes on a week like this, its much more appreciated that’s for sure!!!!

What the fuck does being poked mean on Facebook?  Like seriously, if someone just walked up and poked me unexpectedly, they may get slapped out of reflex.  I don’t think poking is a nice thing.  Why can’t they “hug” you, or “wave” to you, or better yet “smile” at you…. I mean there are so many better things in this world besides poking… I could probably Google it and find the reason for it, but I don’t care…. My opinion remains the same on the topic.  I don’t like it.

I had one too many glasses of wine last night celebrating the acceptance of our offer….  I think my (sort of) hang over has made me a little cynical today…..

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Big hugs and lots of love,


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