Today I started using Truly’s Natural Deodorant…. I’m so nervous about it because I sweat…. A LOT…. Like, it took me months and months to find the right deodorant for my body chemistry.  I hope this stuff works because  I’m slowly swapping out all the old chemical filled products with organic natural products that you can literally ingest with no harm to your body (except for a few makeup products that I just cannot let go of). Today is day one and so far so good…. The stuff smells like coconuts… I kind of dig smelling like coconuts.   We will see…..   It’s seriously only a couple ingredients and most of them I have laying around.  If it works, I’m so making my own!!!!

Truly's Natural Deodorant, Organic


I’m in love with a new mascara.  I never in my life thought I would like a mascara this much.   It’s Benefit “They’re Real!” and OMG OMG OMG…. This stuff is AMAZING!  However, when you get it on your skin, you have to use lotion or makeup remover to fix it because it just smears and leaves a black film if not.  BUT ITS WORTH IT.  One coat and they look you took a lot of time on them.  ONE.  I’m in L-O-V-E!   If you know me, you understand that mascara is an obsession of mine.  I love long black eyelashes, the longer and bigger, the better…. This is sort of a big deal people…. a real BIG deal.

I feel absolutely amazing in every way except I’m still a little sore from the surgery which surprises me since I’m going on five weeks post-op, but every day is an improvement.  The more active I am the better I seem to feel too, go figure…. OH AND….. Totally off topic, but I had a strange surge in hair growth this last week as well that I find bizarre, but I’ll take it… One half inch just BOOM.  Give me more!!!!  I’m trying to grow this mop out!!!!

I finally received the shipment notification on my Moon Juice order.  I’ll touch base on that when it arrives Thursday.  The stuff is pretty expensive and I’m hoping the containers are HUGE.  I will be pretty let down if not.  Everything I ordered has AMAZING reviews and are all revolved around thyroid and adrenal health.  For me, that’s my main focus…. I think I do pretty well with everything else already.  I’m VERY excited to try this stuff out…. Praying I don’t have to hold my nose when I do though.

During this healing process, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the large solid wood armoire that I have waiting for me in my garage…. It is in desperate need of my lovin and has the potential to be one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever done… This is a huge decision.  Do I strip and sand and re-stain?  Do I paint it?  Geez… I just can’t make up my mind.  But that baby will go up for sale when I’m done with it because I honestly have no room for it.  I just couldn’t pass it up, I finagled it down so low that I would’ve have dumb not to buy it.  I’m not touching it until I am positive I’m going to make it the best it can be….

During my down time I had an impulse buy moment.  I was playing on that silly Wish app and made myself a shopping cart full of crap….. Like, the stuff is all a dollar or two and my cart was over a hundred!  Geez… It gave me a ESD of one month, but the stuff started rolling in around a week after my payment cleared.  I only have two items left to arrive and they are hitting the one month mark.  So far I have mostly been pretty impressed with the quality of the products.  I expected complete junk.  So far, there’s only been a t-shirt and tube of lipstick that I’m let down with…. The t-shirt can be worn, but I won’t wear it out.  The lettering is not where it should be and it’s just too big.  Doesn’t look anything like the photo…. The lipstick doesn’t go on well but it stays on, so that’s an issue…. Who wants to be stuck with lipstick that is all kinds of wacky looking that won’t come off??? Not me peeps.  The other items I ordered were mostly dresses (which are all super cute and fit well)… I did get a swimming suit that is a little sketchy but super cute on…. I’m not sure it will withstand any wear and tear though.  I also got a swimsuit cover-up… That is my favorite thing I purchased during this impulse buy.  It’s freaking cute!  Like, I cannot wait to wear it!  All in all, if you are dress or swimsuit cover-up shopping, I say give it a go…. If it’s makeup or t-shirts, you’ll have to make that call, but I won’t be buying that stuff from the Wish app again.

I may not ever wear leggings again for the rest of my life…. I have only been able to wear leggings for going on five weeks now since my tummy is still so sensitive and I never thought I would want to wear jeans again so bad!  I keep rubbing my tummy telling it that it’s “all better” (the mommy in me) but it’s just not listening to me.  I don’t have the patience for this really…. Ha!  I may just have to tough it out and toss these damned leggings in the trash!

This is all for now!

Big hugs and lots of love,







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