Mondays are always so difficult for me…. I’m sure it’s like this for everyone.  I feel as though as soon I start to get into relaxation mode, it’s time to go back to work…. I just do not believe whatsoever that two days off and five days on is a rational working schedule for anyone.  We should work four days on and have three days off to spend with our families…. If only I made the big decisions in the world right?! Hahahahahaha!

I am still so stoked about my thyroid test results yesterday…. I just can’t even put into words how happy I am that I did it… I was able to get that little thing fully functional with diet, vitamins, and herbs alone.  Last week, there’s no way I would’ve had a good test result, I felt terrible…. But it balanced, and that’s what truly matters to me.  I know the levels will fluctuate, and I’m sure I’ll have good and bad days….. My doctor said it couldn’t be done… Yeah right, look at  my labs now boyee!

I bought this all natural bone broth mix that I have been drinking and I have been eating bee pollen as well…. Both taste effing gross… I know I can make bone broth myself, but I just do not have the time and I already struggle with working more than forty hours a week (not counting the two hours a day in the car…), and having the time I want and need with my family, then self care…. There just isn’t enough time in my week to add anything else right now, so if I can cut corners… You bet your ass I’m gonna!  Why bee pollen you ask?  Well, bee pollen is loaded with good stuff our bodies can use, and quite honestly, I’m curious…..  Will it make a difference?  Something is…. Look it up, you may grab some too.  Why the bone broth?  Collagen!  Anything that is good for the gut right?  A happy gut REALLY makes life better…. I am not a fan of the repercussions of an unhappy gut… Bloating… Gas…. Discomfort…. and I really don’t need to go any further… I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.  I’ll let you know if I notice any changes after a few weeks…. I don’t like to give my opinions on anything prematurely.

Have you told yourself how wonderful you are lately?  This pod cast that I’ve been addicted to had a guest that asked the host to name three things that she loves about herself…. While listening to it, I started thinking to myself what I would’ve said…. It’s a lot harder than you think to honestly answer the question… And then doing so without feeling weird.  We can walk around complimenting people all day, but why can’t we do it freely with ourselves? We tell our friends and family we love them and why….   I finally came up with my three… And I decided to do it daily…. Why not allow myself to love and compliment me too!  Give it a try… Once the weirdness dies down, it feels nice!

We fell in love with a piece of property and are impatiently awaiting to find out if our offer is accepted.  It’s absolutely perfect for us.  It has a natural spring on the property, the beginnings of a small pond or manmade lake that would be our natural swimming pool… And it’s absolutely perfect for a giant garden!  Fingers crossed and good vibes…. It’s a little slice of heaven, and my oh my, we’ve worked hard to find the right one for us.  VERY EXCITING!

I have so many things flooding my mind today, this may not be my last post….

Big hugs and lots of love,




I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

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