So I was tired of feeling yucky and picked up a few more thyroid boosting vitamins and herbs while awaiting my Moon Juice shipment. I feel great…. And something is working!!! Like really working!!!! So last night I discovered some weird growths on my lower leg.  I went to the ER this morning in case I had developed a blood clot due to my surgery (growths like that could be anything)… Since they did blood work, I asked them to check my TSH, T3, and T4… ALL CAME BACK IN NORMAL RANGE!!!! Tears of joy people! Tears of joy!!! Something I’m doing is kicking my thyroid into working status!!!! WHAT?!? I think it may be the Spirulina & Chlorella tablets combined with the liquid Magnesium that gave it the extra kick, but who cares what did it! Just a few doses and I’m back in action! Now onto the lumps…. The doc says the growths feel completely benign and are most likely lymph nodes or cysts and I feel pretty confident he is right… Better to be safe than sorry any day! And I received such wonderful news while there!!!  I’m so full of excitement that I had to share!!!!

Big hugs and lots of love,




I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

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