No Regrets

Good morning world!

I had a wonderful workout this morning…. Very light compared to what I’m used to, but boy did I get a good sweat going!!!!  I love to sweat!  (I love to sweat so much that I will sit in the direct sunlight in 100+ degree weather until I’m dripping…. I do get made of fun of for this often, but do I care?  NOPE. Now to get back on track…..)  This mornings workout was on my rebounder since I’m still very fresh out of surgery.  It’s very low impact and wonderful for your lymphatic system…  There’s this absolutely adorable lady on YouTube named Arnita Champion that I usually turn to for my rebounding instructor.  I like her a lot… If you give any of her videos a try, let me know how you like them.   I am in much less pain in my abdomen today after getting my sweat on than I have been in weeks!  I LOVE IT!!!! I wanted to get moving much sooner but my incision is so large (like….  12 inches long) that I was afraid of hurting myself.  I’m glad I waited, but oh lawdy I feel amazing!!!!

I had an interesting conversation with a dear friend this morning that I feel I need to touch on in this post.  I won’t go into the details of how we got into the conversation, but I will about the conclusion of it….  It was about second guessing one’s decisions…. After everything I’ve gone through in this life (and oh my GOD you better believe it’s been a CRAZY ASS ride), I’ve learned that the decisions we make are important and once something is done, it’s done… There is no reason in this world to ever second guess yourself or have regrets.  I always weigh pros and cons, sleep on it, and reach deep within before making any decisions…. I do not take them lightly.  I only needed to give one example during this conversation because that one example summed the entire thing up perfectly.  It was quite lengthy and a little more personal that I plan to go (so in other words, no juicy details).  Several years back, I had a major life choice that I had to make… A decision between two completely different roads and it was an incredibly hard decision…  The decision I made was by far the right one because a major blessing that came into our lives would have never arrived had I not chose the path I chose.  See… we have natural instincts that help lead us down the right paths.  As humans, we tend to always wonder about “what ifs”… That’s such a waste of time.  Trust your instincts and never make split decisions (unless you are forced to) and you will always make the right decision for yourself…. Always.  A life lived with no “what ifs”  is a much more peaceful life.

I have been trying to grow my hair out for 10 years.  Yes… 10!  The majority of my life I have had short hair…. Short as in above my ears or chin length.  As I got older, the chin length dropped to shoulder length…. 10 years ago I decided I wanted to see what having long hair was like…. Long as in middle of my back-ish (I was trying to make it an attainable goal length).  Well, I have never been able to make it past 2 inches below my collar bone (which is where it is right now). It gets SO annoying, like… HOW DO WOMEN HAVE LONG HAIR?  I’m not giving up, but OH MY GAWD it just gets in the way, and in my eyes, and in my food, and ratty (and geez, the split ends!  What?!?  Why does this happen??? So I always have scissors in my hands cutting the ends of my hair, I can’t stand those boogers!)….  So, once it gets this length, I chop the shit right off…. Gone. Sayonara. See ya later alligator….  I only have a few inches left to go, so this time, I’m going for it…. I will get annoyed with it, but I will find appreciation in the annoyance this time, some how….  (Patience Kylie… Patience….)

I’m a huge fan of the MindBodyGreen website and this morning they  had an article on the founder of Moon Juice (which is where I bought the herbs from the other day, that still haven’t shipped yet).   I found it extremely interesting which made me even more curious… Which led me to even more excited to try these out, which has now led me to impatience… Dammit.  There has to be a cure for this somewhere out there….  Any way… If you haven’t been on that website, you should check it out.  I find a lot of useful (and not so useful but entertaining) articles on there.

Okay… I am done for now.

Big hugs and lots of love,






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