New Strides

Apparently some vitamins and trying to eat gluten-free (I have done terrible at the gluten-free thing even though the stuff causes me excruciating pain) is not working for my thyroid.  I’m starting to feel PER-RITTY crappy these last few days and I don’t like it.  I can feel that my levels are bad without even having the tests ran right now…. I’ve decided it’s time to clean up my diet all around and add in a few more supplements to see if I can level myself out naturally.  I have a good two to three weeks before I plan to get retested and I want more than anything for those levels to come back good.  If I have to take the meds, I’ll take them, but GOD I don’t want to…. Positive vibes here…. I really believe that we are capable of more than we know of…  AND I truly believe that certain medicines only mask problems or delay them… I don’t want to be masked or delayed, I want to be healed.  I ordered an array of natural herbs to incorporate in my daily routine from a company called Moon Juice and I am really excited to see if they help.  I will leave a review on the stuff once I have taken it long enough to develop an opinion on it.

I was late getting up this morning so my plan to work out this morning was mangled…. I’m going to tackle it as soon as I get home from work.  It’s crazy how excited I am to do some cardio!  I’m very much looking forward to getting my sweat on.

I listened to a very emotional podcast this morning about grief.  Listening to this woman talk so openly about what she is going through made me want to jump inside that podcast and just hug her… It’s such a hard thing to go through and many people just do not understand until they go through it…. And each experience with grief has it’s own shape and character.  After going through it with my mother, before and after she passed, it has engrained a compassion in me for other’s grief that is indescribable.  I would take their pain away in a heart beat if I could.

I’m not having any luck with the wigs, but I have not given up.  I will start pushing harder… This is VERY important to me.  If I need to buy them myself I will.  I just remember the day I shaved my mother’s head so well and how her losing her hair effected us all… And then my mother hiding her face so that others didn’t see her without her hair, even with the beanie (and even though she was just as beautiful without her hair)…. It took close to three weeks for us to find her a wig, but once she got one, you could see a total change in how she handled herself in public and around others…  She wasn’t afraid for people to look at her anymore….

Picking out flooring is hard… It really is… To find the right one for your taste within your budget is both, annoying and trying.  Then you have to find one that the people in your household like as well, which is even harder…. I need patience as usual…. Why oh why can’t I have that?????  Fingers crossed that the right one comes fast because we start ripping out carpet this weekend!!!!  I don’t want to settle!!!!  Who wants to settle?!?

That’s all for today!

Big hugs and lots of love,







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