Sometimes we get so caught up in this world that we forget we are not invincible.

This morning I read the obituary of someone that I saw (what seemed like) everywhere for many years.  Every bar I went to, every event that went on in our area… He was always around enjoying life.  Super cool guy.   One year younger than I, passed away far too soon.  It was such a sinking feeling seeing that this morning…. We aren’t invincible like we try to believe.  All we can do is live the best and fullest life we can because we aren’t guaranteed anything in this world.  Cheers to this man and his friends and family.  May they receive peace and comfort during this time.

I’m slowing but surely healing up from my surgery…. I’m still very touchy all over and the incision is SENSITIVE.  It’s rather large and I’d like to help it out as much as I can, so I already started using Mederma Advanced Scar Gel and Scar Away Silicone Sheets on it.  I’m doubling up on this in hopes that it is the best looking large scar known to man!  Haha… We will see how well this works out!

Tomorrow night, I’m enlisting the help of my fam to get my treadmill set up downstairs in my room (woman cave) in the basement.  I have my TV set up now and just need to get the surround sound going so I can go to town Thursday morning.  That is my 4 week mark exactly, and that’s when they said I can start with light cardio.  Eventually that room will have the walls dry walled and will have nice flooring (right now it’s bare bones).  I picked up lots of cool lighting so that karaoke nights will be even better (gotta love the karaoke nights!!!).  Men get man caves, we women should have one too dammit!  I have to admit, I’m am so excited about getting the other half of the basement to do with it as I please…. I am having a hard time waiting on it!

I’m noticing a lot of exhaustion and I’m very scatter brained.  I’m not sure if it’s remnants of the anesthesia or if my thyroid levels are crazy off right now, but I’m really hoping to feel somewhat normal again soon.  I plan to have my yearly check up with my new primary care physician the first or second week of April.  I am praying for good results!  I have been working my tail off to heal my thyroid with diet and supplements.  I just really want  it to work!  Once I can get good exercises in, I’m hoping to see a big improvement just from that.  We will see.  I really need to work on this patience thing…. I  have none (zip, zero, zilch) and it just causes a lot of unnecessary anxiety.

Ooooh… I have tried out tons of new makeup in the last few and will be writing reviews on them VERY soon.  I have fallen in LOVE with several products that I just have to share, and I spent a pretty penny on one unparticular that I am NOT happy with whatsoever…. I don’t like writing bad reviews, but this stuff really stinks.

I’m done for now.

Please remember to hug your family and friends daily and let them know what they mean to you.  We are not invincible and we have no guarantees.

Big hugs and lots of love,





I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

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