For the last 5 days my wake time has been 3am! I have no idea why…. It’s nice to have some alone time in the mornings, but 3am is just a little too early for me! I can barely stay awake by 6pm!  I have to get back on track with my sleeping schedule asap!

I’m healing at a very fast pace and am just amazed with the human body right now. I am waking with little swelling so showering is getting much easier as long as I tackle it right away. I start swelling about an hour after waking… I can’t wait until that stops! At the rate I’m going it should be soon, so I am thankful.

My mother in law is still here and I am so grateful that she hasn’t left yet. She has been such a help with everything we have going on around here! We are so busy and we couldn’t have kept up if it weren’t for her! Plus she’s just awesome period. Her presence is so nice. I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law, for that I am blessed.

My siblings all have me worried about them right now… I feel they need a few prayers, so please send them their way…

I’ve been getting really amused at the foods I’m craving during the healing process. I look them up to see what they have in them nutrition-wise and it’s amazing to me how my body knows exactly what it needs to help me heal. I made some killer roasted asperagus and it was crazy how it tasted like candy to me. Apparently, asperagus is loaded with vitamin K which helps with clotting etc… It’s just so cool… Again, the human body just amazes me!

Thats all for now…. just some rambling😃

Big hugs and lots of love,



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