I’m not a sitter… I don’t sit well for long periods of time and I never have. This surgery makes me have to rest and I’m growing rather impatient with it.  There are not many good shows on the television right now and we have already binge watched the great ones…. I’M BORED!!!!!! I want to clean and do laundry and work out!!!! Pinterest is making me more aggitated since I see all these workouts I want to do or I get ideas and I can’t go try them out…. GRRRRRRRRR…..

My poor family…..

I’m healing up rather quickly but do have a considerable amount of swelling and bruising.  I’m eating whatever my body asks for right now, which has been mostly healthy (minus the ice cream, but I’m eating the low carb kind). I was advised not to take my normal hair nail and skin vitamins due to the high vitamin E content , so I’m taking some prenatals right now that have a lot of omega 3’s in there, along with my selenium and zinc for my thyroid health.  Speaking of my thyroid… in that aspect I feel AMAZING! I’m actually looking forward to getting retested in about a month. I wish my body would hurry up and speed heal dammit! I have shit to do!

I managed to get a shower yesterday finally, and omg it feels good to be clean! It’s crazy how we take for granted the little luxuries we have until we can’t have them. I definitely want to focus more on gratitude for a while… It’s amazing how good it feels to spend your day grateful for it rather than flying through the motions of this life. And yes, right now I am aggitated with my lack of mobility but oh so grateful to be alive and showered!

Lets make this a great day!

Big hugs and lots of love,


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