Because I’m happ-eeeeee

image-1Today I’m just happy  to be alive.  The sun is shining right down on me, it’s gorgeous outside today, and it seems that everyone around is enjoying it as much as I am.  Happiness is contagious you know….

I’m up to five projects to do this weekend… FIVE.  I love me some projects… I will post about them on my projects page once I get them done.

My oldest had his first, and hopefully his LAST, car accident yesterday.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was not incredibly expensive….  It’s every mother’s nightmare to get that call…. And I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday shook up… BUT, not a scratch on him….. Talk about being GRATEFUL… I am that exactly.

The week my mother passed away, I basically lived at the Cancer Center.  I saw so many patients alone…. I mean ALONE, as in no one came to see them in the entire eight days I was there…. It broke my heart to see that.  I vowed that as soon as I was healed, I would do some volunteer work with cancer patients.  I’m not ready to actually go back to the hospital and do volunteer work yet, but I am ready to help…. I’m going to start collecting wigs, big and small, short and long… I’m going to clean, cut, and style them (I knew cosmetology school would come in handy one day!) and give them to chemo patients as needed.  I do know there are adjustments that need to made to wigs to help them fit, so my research begins…. How to fit a wig….

Please contact me if you have any wigs you can donate to this cause.  I promise you I will find them a  home with someone that needs them.  undeniablykylie@gmail.com

Happy Friday!




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