Adventures in Thyroid-Land

Update- 3/1/2017

I am having surgery tomorrow and my surgeon required me to get a thyroid check.  I tested exactly 5 weeks without meds.

My TSH came in at 7.4,  T4 at 0.84, and my T3 at 2.3

My gyno said that is not THAT bad at all!  She said she didn’t even think I was at a “treatable” range at that point and for me to follow my gut and retest in 6 weeks.  I also got a pat on the back for listening to my body and enjoying how much better I feel.  So, I did find the new doctor and once I’m all healed up, I will retest!  It’s very exciting!!! My T3 was in NORMAL RANGE!  I’m pretty impressed 🙂


What a fun title huh?  Well… It’s truly what thyroid disease is, an adventure…. Honestly, more like a Universal Studios trip that never ends.  Rollercoastering moods, tired one day, energy through the roof the next… It’s exhausting.


I know my body… I know it well, I’m sure you understand…  I had been having this sickening feeling that the Synthroid that I have been taking for over five years has been doing more harm than good.  Throat clinching anxiety plaguing me, which is NOT normal for me… An UNGODLY appetite that was in turn causing weight gain…. Lots of oil production on my face and hair…. My body has been screaming for a while that something is just NOT right.  So…. I have tried to go off these stupid meds several times and never make it longer than a week…. It amazing how when you get used to taking them, you feel like you can’t wake up without them!  So I wondered…. Isn’t there a way????  After tons of research,  I started taking these bad ass Hair Nail and Skin Vitamins, Selenium, and Probiotics daily and checking for Iodine deficiency every other night (Tincture Iodine on the tummy…. if it’s gone when you wake up you are deficient, if it’s still there you are good).   After a pretty heated argument with my (now EX) doctor, I decided that’s it.  I am quitting the Synthroid and finding a new doc (I don’t put up with much from people).

The first couple weeks without the meds were hard, but I distracted myself with remodeling my kitchen…. Motivation outweighs everything else when it comes to me.  I can be sick… OH WELL.  Tired… NO NOT ME…. When I get motivated, NOTHING stops me…..                                                                                                                                                        Today, I’m on week four with ZERO Synthroid… Pretty sure it’s out of my system.  I’m still tired, but I’m noticing changes… BIG CHANGES.

1.) I’m not nearly as anxious

2.) My creativity that I lost years ago is flooding back…. I’m a fountain of ideas this last week… And (not to toot my own or anything but….) they are GOOD ones!!!

3.) My appetite is slowing back down and my weight has evened out again.

4.) I think I’m sleeping sounder… If that makes sense.  I feel like I’m sleeping deeper or something.

5.) My skin is not as oily as it has been.  It seems to be almost normal again (pre-Synthroid-ish).

My husband has even noticed a HUGE difference in my moods.  He says I seem much happier lately?  Hmmmm…..

No I’m not suggesting you go off your meds.  I am NOT a doctor.   I’m simply writing this as way to keep track of this myself and inform others how I do with this.  I have an appointment with my gynecologist Wednesday next week and plan to have her order lab work to check my thyroid levels.  I’m going to give it a few more weeks before I do the tests, I just NEED to see how my levels are without the meds, and give my thyroid a chance to work again without meds. No….  I’m not throwing in the towel regarding thyroid meds …. I just want to see if proper diet and nutrition can level me out… And if not, can I try a new medicine?   AND… since I’m now on the search for new primary care doctor, this gives me the perfect opportunity to see if the screaming my body has been doing has been caused from Synthroid.






I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

This website and blog are in no way intended to diagnose, prescribe, provide medical advice or to replace the years of training and expertise provided by your medical doctor. Before taking or trying any herbal supplement, please consult your physician first.

This website and blog are only a source of entertainment and inspiration. They should NEVER be viewed as a substitute for a medical professional.  The author is not liable for and cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury alleged to be caused by any of the information contained on this website or blog.

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