Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation

This stuff is OH MY GAWD full coverage.  Like…. I feel like I am putting a thick layer of paste on my face but the look is AMAZING…. Until it melts off my face….

I’m actually quite P!$$&# this didn’t work out well for me.  The first time I wore it, I looked like I had supermodel skin for about two hours before my oil production kicked in and started to liquefy it.  By noon my face was an oil slick and the makeup literally wiped off….  I was hoping that using the oil absorbing sheets I carry with me at all times, and using some translucent mattifying powder that I would regain that flawless complexion I had directly after applying this foundation, but it was a fail…. Curse my wretched skin!!!!  I did break out like a mad man after using this foundation…. I guess my skin just could NOT BREATHE! It’s been over a week since I last used it and I’m still battling with acne over it.

I highly doubt this stuff would work well on dry skin, it seems to have a dry matte finish when first applied that (in my experience with makeup) would make the flakey dry areas stand out like a sore thumb.  I will get dry skin soon from the weather changing, so I will try again so I can give a good review on that.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and will be able to use this for winter time special occasions?  We will see….

For now I will stick to my Temptu.

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