I took the Dysport plunge…

I did it…


I got Dysport injections and I LOVE THEM!

I’m not sure what the big deal is with people…. The moment I decided to do it, everyone that I talked to about it gave me the look of wretched disgust like it’s the most horrible thing to do in this world….

I always… And I mean ALWAYS do my research before using or trying anything…. And a LOT of it.  I even spoke with my primary care physician about it beforehand. I knew the risks….  I went through countless REAL before and afters…. AND SO I DID IT and I couldn’t be more happy!

The frown lines on my forehead were seriously  way out of control…. I looked like I was frowning all day long no matter how hard I tried to relax my forehead.  I was tired of looking mad/sad/depressed… I wanted to look like ME….

Well…. They are NOT even visible now.

I went in nervous as can be (I HATE NEEDLES, I HATE THEM, I REALLY HATE THEM)…   During my consult they disclosed that I would need at least 11 shots on my forehead and I thought I was going to puke…. Did I mention I hate needles??? They did console me very well and assured me they are not painful (I didn’t believe them by the way). When they pulled out the pricing sheet with my quote, I was pleasantly surprised!  It’s NOT that much… I spend more per month on creams and trying new “fad” treatments than I did on my Dysport!  So I moved forward that day.  I requested their most experienced person to do my shots and requested they go very light with it since it was my first time.  They took me back to the room where I did my “I’m afraid of needles” spiel that I give prior to anyone coming at me with one, then took a few deep breaths and said “Hurry please”… HAHA!  I didn’t even feel the first one go in!  I was so relieved.  I had a few that I felt some pressure but it wasn’t even uncomfortable (THANK GOD).  I highly doubt I will have any issues with fear on my next appointment, it went that well.  All 11 shots without any pain.  I was told to stay upright for 4 hours afterward and was sent on my merry way.  I had some whelps that looked like bee stings and a little redness (I would NOT do these on my lunch breaks or when you need to be somewhere afterward!)  They did go away after a few hours.  I started getting a whopper of a headache within 15 minutes of getting the shots… The headache SUCKS!  Motrin did not ease it at all and it lasted a little under 36 hours.   It takes a few days for the product to start to take effect, and 10 days to know the full result. Boy oh boy did I become impatient! I started to see slow progress moving down my forehead from my hairline little by little daily.  I took a video on my phone every morning to show the progress, however I don’t think this site will let me post them….  I will post them on my YouTube channel and paste the links on here soon.  Anyway, it seriously did take the full 10 days to see the result!  ARGH!  I am not patient, I am really NOT.  Once I got the full effect though, I was in HEAVEN (*sung with a high soprano angel-like tone* Insert smiley face here)!  Within days my lines started to fade!  I can’t freaking frown!!!  I look like ME again!  WHAT?!?  I LOVE THIS STUFF!  I did not get the “frozen” look that people talk about whatsoever, which is why I went with the Dysport in the first place.  It gives a much softer look and allows a little movement still.

It’s now been a little over two months since I had the injections and I will get more for sure.  They are starting to wear off a little, but I still cant scrunch the area between my eyes together or do a full blown frown.  I do have to wait until it wears off completely and/or three months until I do my next round.    My forehead looks amazing after getting to relax a few months… It was 100% worth it for me.  Triple A+ all the way!






I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV!

This website and blog are in no way intended to diagnose, prescribe, provide medical advice or to replace the years of training and expertise provided by your medical doctor. Before taking or trying any herbal supplement, please consult your physician first.

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