Field of Flowers

What a beautiful gift we have…. Memories.

To have and to retain memories.  I often think about what an amazing thing this is…

I can close my eyes and think of a particular memory and it’s so powerful that I can smell being there.  I can feel the emotion I felt.   I can even shiver from the chill in the air from a winter ten years ago, all by memory.

I have a beautiful collection of memories that I often revisit when life has been particularly rough.  My fondest ones always lend me a smile or a tear of joy when I need it most…. My field of flowers….

Here is my favorite one…

I remember being six years old on my very first summer break from school.  I would lay in the grass of my back yard and just watch the butterflies flitter by me.  The heat from the sun pounding off my face and body, but God it felt so good.  The hot wind blasting past, forcing my little winged friends to work harder to get to the massive flowery bush that lived next to my house. I would lay there for hours watching them…. They were so beautiful in all of their delicacy.  I wanted to be one, just for one day…. I would get up when they started to fly away and flap my imaginary butterfly wings, following their every move…. Taking in every moment in sheer amazement… Sometimes I would end up several houses down before I would realize it and then have to venture back…. THIS was my favorite thing….

Now for another memory, the one that made me learn to appreciate these beautiful memories….

My Mother would always say to me when life was being unkind “Go to your field of flowers, that’s what I do”.  When I was young, I did not understand this.  There weren’t any around, and I didn’t like flowers that much MOM duh… Oh to be a child again…..

THIS is what she meant.  Visit a place in your memory that makes you happy.   A place in time that sweeps you away from whatever isn’t right today, if only for a moment.  To just let all of the bad go and remind yourself of the beauty in this world, to feel the peace you felt in that moment….

Laying in that grass watching those butterflies is my field of flowers….

Memories, what a beautiful gift we have….





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