My hubby signed me up for Birchbox….   How sweet is that?!?!?  I thought it was strange that he was taking a survey on different women’s products that I am interested in, but he has done stranger things so I didn’t investigate.

The box came in the mail addressed to me and was so cute.  I felt like I received a Christmas or Birthday present for no reason.  Gosh I just love having something to open and not knowing what’s inside!

My first box came with a killer liquid eyeliner pen.  The color is soooo black and I LOVE IT!  Some blowout spray came along with it, night cleanser, tinted moisturizer, and a very lovely perfume sample.  Very exciting!

My second box came with this little tube of lip tar that is a very bold, but beautiful color.  I have used it and will use it again for sure!  The other items in the box included some detangler, moisturizer, cooling cheek tint (I really dig this stuff) and a groovy little bottle of body wash that was so much fun to read.  It says it’s Liquid Freud (when you need to turn up the volume on your inner voice of reason)…. Okay, who doesn’t need that from time to time?

The hubs is paying for me to receive these boxes, so I’m not sure of the cost…. But they are so much fun!  I love presents and with Birchbox, you get one monthly!  If you love trying out new products, I highly recommend it.

I will update you if my option changes on Birchbox.  As of today, I am one happy camper that enjoys her little monthly surprises.

UPDATE 7/27/16 –  I still love those little boxes just as much as I did when I first wrote this!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

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