Temptu Signiture Startup Airbrush Kit

I LOVE MAKEUP!  I love it!  I love it!  I love it!

I had been thinking of trying airbrush makeup ever since I started getting lines on my face.  Regular foundation always wants to make those squigglies more visible instead of hide them.  I use makeup to decorate my face and hide the imperfections, not amplify the yucky!  I know I’m not the only one!

I did what I usually do,  massive amounts of research on the various products on the market.  I watched a ton of YouTube videos as well.  I decided on the Temptu Airbrush System due to the large amount of positive reviews.  Of course I searched for the best deal and when I found it, I jumped on it.

Product arrived in two days…. I was so pleasantly surprised!

First go around with using the product was quite comical…. I couldn’t get the pods to work and I thought I may have gotten screwed…. Shaking my head in frustration, I slowly read through the instructions once more.  I missed something so simple…. Poking the pod with the little stick guy that comes in the cap of the airpods…. Duh.  I love those moments…. Once I got it working, I put WAY TOO much on.  I was really surprised at the very wet and shiny look it left me with.  I put on some finishing powder and binge watched more videos.  The next day, I went at it the RIGHT way and was quite impressed.  I received multiple compliments on how “healthy” I looked that day.  I pointed out to the hubs that I tried new makeup and he says “Yeah, I see that.  It looks much more natural”…. I liked that compliment…. And it did go hand in hand with looking healthy.  So, the look… Natural and healthy.

The feel of this makeup if very light on the skin.  I do not feel like I have any foundation on at all.  To the touch, it’s super silky…. It feels pretty amazing really…. Regular foundation always feel heavy to me, so it took me a few days to get used to this weightless feeling.    The coverage is nice.  I am able to cover the imperfections, get an even look, and it does not amplify my lines.  And BONUS…. The bronzer is amazing…. I am in love with the look and the color.

I have a very oily complexion and have been having trouble getting my makeup to last all day.  Foundation seriously starts to melt off my face by midday…. NOT the Temptu.  It honestly  perseveres and I look just as fresh when I’m washing it off before bed.  I’m very surprised.  Having such oily skin makes me prone to break outs, especially on the ultra oily days.  I have had little to no breakouts since using the Temptu Airbrush System.  That, along with lasting all day makes this a winner in my opinion.

So my final grade on this… Triple A+++  I will continue using this.

UPDATE 7/25/16 – I STILL LOVE THIS!  I am excited to say that I am still in love with this product months later.  Definitely worth every penny!




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