PMD Pro Personal Microdermabrasion

I have super oily skin, but I have dry skin patches all over…. Weird combo, go figure.

I have been trying to find a way to only have to deal with the oily skin problem and get rid of the dry skin problem.  Regular exfoliation has not worked, tons of moisturizer before bed did not work, essential oils did not work, Vaseline…. You name it, I’ve tried it.

I had been eye balling this device for quite some time now.  I didn’t want to spend the money on another something that may not work.  But…. I found one at a killer price, I couldn’t pass it up.

I HIGHLY recommend that you always do a lot research on products prior to purchasing , I ALWAYS do.  It helps to know how to use it, you will learn the different things that can go wrong, how to avoid mishaps, ect….  I researched the PMD quite heavily.  There were mixed reviews, but being the observant person I am, it really seemed to me that a lot of the bad reviews stemmed from user error.  We will see now won’t we!

This little gadget is quite strange to me.  I read all of the instructions before using it, and they are pretty cut and dry.  However, getting the hang of using it is harder than I thought.  It suctions onto your face so you have to get going with it or it will leave small rug burn type marks on your face.  It is basically filing away your dead skin.  It says to move in upward motions, so I did as instructed.  I held my skin taught and OUCH.  It bit me on the bag under my left eye (I will find the cure for bags I promise!).  This little sucker really sucks hard!  It says to keep away from the under eye area, I really thought I was avoiding it, but I guess NOT…. I moisturized really good after using the device and hit the sack.  The next morning I woke up looking very glowy and refreshed.  It did leave a small boo boo under my eye that lasted about two days. It was very easily hidden with makeup.

It’s too early to know whether this will help with fine lines, wrinkles, or acne (my acne has died down almost completely since using Temptu anyway)… But as far as exfoliation is concerned, this baby did the trick.  Not a lick of dry skin patches on my face!!! Six days later, still no dry skin and I have noticed that my skin is not nearly as dull….

I will keep updating as I use this product.  I will do my next treatment tomorrow night.  I’m very curious about this device so I will stay very dedicated to doing it weekly.

UPDATE 7/27/16 – I do love how glowy this device makes my skin when I use it. However, it still ends up biting my face every time I use it.  I have not had any improvements with fine lines or wrinkles.  It does seem to help cut down on acne since it is removing dead skin so well.  I need to replace the disks now and I’ve been too busy to get them on order.  I don’t like the price for the disks and I’d rather spend the money on something else right now. I feel that I will eventually get the disks and continue use.  I do not give this an A+ or even an A… Maybe a B-?  It doesn’t do all it claims to do, but it does help keep your face looking brighter and healthier. If they were able to improve the design to stop it from biting my face and leaving a rug burn looking boo boo for a few days afterward, then I’d give it a B or B+… But only then =P

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