Silk’n Flash n Go Luxx Review

Like most women, shaving has become one of my most hated chores. I decided to try laser hair removal.  I made the phone call, so very excited that I would NEVER have to shave again!  While on this call I discovered that laser hair removal was ungodly expensive and I instantly changed my mind.  SCREW that!  So I go on shaving every two days.  UGH….

Low and behold, they started making at home devices where you can do it yourself and it’s cheap!!  Like…. WAY cheaper than paying someone else to do it!  I, of course, immediately start reading reviews and got such mixed feelings about all of the at home devices.  I came to conclusion that if I were to do this, drop a few hundred bucks to try to eliminate or reduce the ugly chore of shaving, I had a list of demands….

1.) I don’t want to feel pain

2.) I want fast results

3.) Did I mention I don’t want to feel pain??????

Okay…. So I read up on these devices for a LONG time, but I finally settled on the Silk’n Flash n Go Luxx.  It says it has a lifetime of flashes.  120,000 is a lot of them, but I bet I could use them all… However, for the money, it was the best buy, with the best reviews.  So I started watching the website, the moment that sucker went on sale I bought that baby (I refuse to pay full retail price on ANYTHING, EVER)!  It took two whole weeks for that puppy to land in my mailbox, and I was livid about it… Haha!  Did I mention I have NO patience????  I had been reading the instruction manual online and also watching YouTube videos, so i was prepared and ready to get on with it.

I put the little dude to bed and hopped in the tub.  I shaved my legs that night with more excitement than the very first time (isn’t it crazy how as little girls we couldn’t wait to shave?????).  I got out, dried off, and set the device on level 2 for my first treatment.  It didn’t hurt….. UNTIL I GOT TO MY KNEES!  It bit me good a few times, but didn’t hurt once I moved past them.  I did my armpits and my bikini area as well…. I was highly disappointed when the stubble on my pits came back just as fast as usual, but I noticed that my legs took an extra day to get stubbly…. One day??? I spent one whole hour zapping those boogers and I only got one day?  Hey it was worth it, read on….

I went the entire two weeks without shaving (my poor hubby), I just had to see if one treatment did anything more…. Well, I really couldn’t tell much other than that one day without stubble on my legs.

Treatment number two…. I got out of the hot shower after shaving and started in with the zapping.  I bumped him up to level 3 this time.  Same thing, gave my knees some bites that were NOT comfortable…. Try to imagine if you could stick your knee in an electrical outlet…. I still had only the one day longer without stubble on my legs, and still had no evidence of anything happening on my pits or bikini line.  I wasn’t going to give up on this though!  Heck NO!

Treatment number three… Same as number two, but this time my little pointer finger was getting so tired of pulling that trigger.  Well, duh… You can just hold it down and then you don’t have to wait before pulling again…. My finger was much happier with that method.  Same ouchy ouchies on my knee areas…. I was hoping to speed the process up with experience, but it’s impossible.  Results you ask?  LOW AND BEHOLD…. I started seeing a difference!  Weird patterned areas were NOT GROWING HAIR!  I also noticed the same thing on my bikini area!  What??? It’s working!!!!

I just completed treatment number four… My knees hate this device, but from what I’ve read, it’s a million times better than having it hurt on all of the areas like the other devices (I have not tried any other devices, this is what I gathered from other people’s reviews).  The areas with no hair growth are growing in size and spreading….. I am happy happy!  I’m not sure I’m fond of the funky patterns I now have on my bikini area and legs where I’m still growing hair, but hopefully the rest of it stops growing as I continue on…. I am noticing less arm pit hair (woohoo) and am really looking forward to NONE.  I will keep you updated!!!!!

UPDATE 7/25/16  -I did treatment number five and then discontinued use… I began getting ingrown hairs and a lot of them. I’m not sure if I will use this product further due to the ingrown hair issue.  It’s been a few months since my last treatment and I do have places where hair has not grown back.  I’m curious if it ever will….  HOWEVER I am still trying to get rid of the ingrown hairs from these treatments.  In grown hairs in summer time REALLY?!?  I’d rather shave.





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